I like pixel games, I like rabbits and I like endless runner. So here you have a pixel bunny endless runner. Have fun

  • for macOS, Web, Linux and Windows (Android is planned)
  • ideal for the road
  • simple control (press space :D)

I developed the game in a few hours. I use the project to learn and to gain more experience with Unity.



Our little bunny is hungry. Help him eat the carrots, avoiding the spikes. Thanks to video game logic, he can jump in the air indefinitely. Sounds easy right? He especially likes the big carrots and gives you 10 points for each one. But watch out for the rotating spikes that hurt our rabbit.


!! Attention: So far, only the macOS and web version has been sufficiently tested. If bugs occur when running on Linux or Windows, please report them. Many thanks for the support.


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macOS-Version (Recommended because target platform) 17 MB
Linux-Version 29 MB
Windows-Version 15 MB
Android-Version (apk) 23 MB
Level-Soundtrack 2 MB

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A tad more varied and interesting take on the old formula. It also test skills differently, since you only get points by collecting things and not at all by just advancing. After a while, the game actually started to feel a lot easier, it's surprising how accurately you can move the rabbit. It actually took some time to realise that you're supposed to collect the large red carrots too, at first they looked like giant knives to me, due to the same colours with the spinning blades.

If you're interested, you're welcome to enter our Game Development World Championship!

Thank you for your feedback and I apologize that I have never responded. Due to other commitments, I was offline for a long time, but now I will be more active again.